We're raising funds to give DVDs of It's Criminal to high schools, libraries and community centers nationwide. We welcome your tax-deductible gift at networkforgood and we will gladly send copies to the location/institution of your choice.


If you'd like to sponsor a screening of It's Criminal to help raise awareness about inequalities in the justice system and the United States, please contact us. The film works well for college campuses, retirement communities, film festivals, high schools, movie theaters and for a wide variety of non-profit organizations. We're happy to work with you to make a screening work! Email us at

Collaborate with Organizations That Use Arts to Advocate for Equal Justice

Telling My Story: Founded by Pati Hernandez, one of the professors featured in It's Criminal, Telling My Story is a non-profit organization that breaks down walls between socially isolated individuals and their communities using theater as a medium for social reflection and relationship building. Their programs develop self-awareness and communication skills with populations behind visible and invisible social walls — such as those created by incarceration, addiction, and poverty. Through writing and performing, people behind walls are empowered to reclaim their own voices and strengths.

The Prison Arts Coalition: The Prison Arts Coalition (PAC) is an independent space and national network providing information and resources for people creating art in and around the American prison system. This is a good resource to find programs in your area that use arts in correctional facilities, where you may be able to volunteer.