PLEASE EMAIL  for publicity stills and press packet -- Thanks!

PLEASE EMAIL for publicity stills and press packet -- Thanks!


"A moving and arresting portrait... gorgeously shot, in cinema verite style" Susan B. Apel -- ArtfulEdge -- May 30, 2017 -- READ FULL REVIEW

"What could better illustrate the disparity between the privileged rich and the disenfranchised poor than a meeting between Dartmouth College undergraduates and prison inmates?...The results are life-changing." Peter Keough -- The Boston Globe -- March 1, 2018 -- READ FULL REVIEW

"It's Criminal...asks us... to confront uncomfortable truths around the issues of privilege, poverty and injustice." Deborah Becker -- Radio Boston on WBUR -- March 5, 2018 -- LISTEN TO THE FULL STORY

"WRIF tackles Social Issues... in It's Criminal, the Saturday night spotlight"   Luke Baynes -- SEVEN DAYS -- May 31, 2017 -- READ FULL REVIEW

"Delves deeply into the profound inequities in the criminal justice system..."    Nicola Smith -- Valley News -- June 1, 2017 --  READ FULL REVIEW

"Deeply moving... Keep your handkerchiefs handy."  Don Schwartz -- CineSource Magazine -- March 19, 2017 -- READ FULL REVIEW

" Thoughtful and authentic..."  Peter Biello -- NHPR -- June 2, 2017 -- LISTEN TO THE FULL STORY

"Viewers will... walk away motivated and hopeful to change the inequalities in the justice system."  Lifestyle Section of the Kennebec Journal/Morning Sentinel -- READ FULL REVIEW

"New documentary goes behind the scenes of Dartmouth... and prison... watching the two worlds collide"  Rebecca Sananes -- VPR -- June 5, 2017 -- LISTEN TO THE FULL STORY

"The film will spur viewers to think, "If I were in similar conditions, I might well end up in jail too. So how would I like to be received when I come out?" Paul Cuno-Booth -- Keene Sentinel -- February 9, 2018 -- READ FULL REVIEW